Self Managed?
We understand that self managed associations have limited resources in managing operations and financials for the association so we would like to help you in whichever capacity we can by offering accounting only services to your association.

HOA & Condo Management

Breakaway Management specializes in providing consulting and property management services to condominium, townhome, and homeowner associations. We take the time to understand your association’s needs and recommend appropriate solutions to increase value for your association.

By embracing technology and current industry trends, Breakaway Management is committed to reducing waste and increasing value for our clients . We continually focus on improving communication and transparency within your association.
Our management services can be broken into two major categories as follows:

We'll assign a certified property manager to your association as your primary point of contact. Property managers are responsible for all ongoing maintenance issues within the association. Our financial team handles all financial related issues such as assessment collections and bill payment services. Updates on operational and financial matters are made on the association's website for the board members to review at their convenience.

Most management companies consistently fail to provide these basic operational and financial services to their clients!
In addition to a dedicated property manager for your association, our director of operations works with board members on strategic issues . So whether your're looking for financial advice on building up your association reserves or need operational guidance for capital improvement projects, our director of operations can assist board members with such strategic planning.

Strategic planning allows us to avoid costly repairs for your association and to reduce your overall operational expense. This also helps avoid unnecessary special assessments for such costly repairs.

Only Breakaway Management provides your association with a certified property manager to deal with ongoing operational issues and a director of operations to help with strategic planning.
Review a detailed list of property management services provided by Breakaway Management by clicking the "read more" link below.