Accounting Only Services What makes us different?
We understand that each association, regardless of size, operates differently. We've streamlined all of our processes so that we can customize our services to provide your association the most relevant property management services at the best value.

Financial Management

Our accounting only service will handle all bookkeeping and financial responsibilities for your condominium, townhome, or homeowner associations so that you can focus on running the association. We can serve as your primary point of contact and provide operational assistance as needed.

Board members and residents can access their account activity online from the association's website provided by Breakaway Management. This website also allows board members to get instant access to preferred vendors in various categories.

Standard Services
  • Serve as primary contact for the board
  • Setup association website
  • Upload homeowner documents & meeting minutes
  • Update resident and vendor information
  • Create maintenance calendar
  • Provide access to qualified vendors
  • Manage projects on a consulting basis

Financial Services
  • Collect assessments
  • Handle collections over 90 days
  • Review and pay all invoices submitted for payment
  • Provide monthly & annual financial statements
  • Reconcile bank accounts monthly
  • Assist in creating annual budgets
  • Recommend savings strategies for reserve accounts
  • Prepare and submit corporate annual reports
  • Assist with filing corporate taxes

FREE Interactive Website
All clients get an interactive website to increase transparancy and improving communication within your association. This website also allows board members to review all financial and operational information at their convenience.

Request a proposal for accounting only services and learn how we can help your association become financially compliant.